Company Overview
Harrison Holmes Productions is located in Greenwood, Mississippi. Harrison Holmes Jr. operates Harrison Holmes Productions in Nashville, Tennessee. The Greenwood and Nashville operations are completely separate except for the sharing of some production equipment and technical expertise. Our clients include television stations, national companies such as Viking Range, hundreds of local and regional concerns... car dealerships, furniture stores, soft drink companies, hospitals... just about any company who advertises in this area of Mississippi.

Company Background
Iíve always been interested in hi-tech, science and mathematics. Iíve always had an interest in writing, photography, music, dance... the arts. In the third grade, I had to show my teacher how to thread the schoolís Ampro sound projector. Running a projector became a permanent thing through graduation. I got started in radio in the fifth grade with a wire recorder, turntable and a low power AM transmitter I built myself. I could get a signal out about a mile or so. My friends were impressed. That same year I got my own 8 mm movie camera. All of our previous home movies had been on 16 mm. With my 8 mm, I learned the art of stop-motion animation, cell animation, and matte box special effects. During elementary, junior high and high school, I published, on an uncertain schedule, a rebellious newspaper. There was an old mimeograph at my dadís office. I later used his Kodak Verifax (dye transfer) copy machine.

During collage (The University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee), I was the photographer for the annual and managing editor of the Sewanee Purple (weekly paper).  My friend and teacher Andrew Lytle had a great influence on me. I contributed short stories and poetry to the schoolís student literary magazine. A little of it still seems OK.

After Sewanee, I went to Delta State University, Cleveland, Mississippi, and discovered just how sheltered life at Sewanee had been. I also spent time in Nashville at Vanderbilt and Peabody.


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