In addition to our other media services, Harrison Holmes Productions produces television commercials, infomercials, complete shows, and industrial videos.
Our work has aired on all broadcast stations in the area plus national networks. Our work is also seen daily on over 80 cable systems in Arkansas and Mississippi.
We handle all aspects of your commercial production from script writing, location shooting, post production, voice talent to music and sound effects. Regardless of what your spot costs, you always receive a first quality production. Distribution can be by BetaSP, DVCPro, DV, DVCam or 3/4 Umatic tape or download from our ftp server. Production costs are based on equipment and personnel used.

License Agreements
Because of the license agreements we have with music and stock picture agencies, you are licensed to use the complete commercial advertisement unaltered. You may not use parts, elements, or segments in other productions.


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