Holmes Amplifiers

After I sold The Holmes Company, it became known as the Holmes Corporation. Products manufactured by me have an all caps HOLMES logo and the serial number plate says The Holmes Company. I don't have any information on the Holmes Corporation products (logo used all lower case letters). Some Holmes Corporation products are probably similar to mine. I'm providing one power amp schematic which may be of help. All other power amps used in my products are variations of this design. This is the basic Model 200 D power amp. It puts out about 200 watts into a 2 ohm load and about 80 watts into an 8 ohm load. Schematic page contains two large jpg pictures and will take about 90 seconds to open on a dial up connection.

CLICK for schematic.

The following parts are still available:

  • Power Transformers for 200D amp
  • Power Output Transistors (TO3)
  • .33 Ohm, 5 Watt ceramic resistors (used as emitter resistors on power transistors)
  • 4500 mfd 50 v power supply capacitors (used on 200D amp)
  • Pointer and Numbered control knobs (with set screws)
  • 10 inch speakers for Mississippi Bluesmaster (16 ohm, 20 oz. magnet 1.5" VC)

  • Most other parts can be obtained from mail order electronic parts houses, many from your local Radio Shack.

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